Image of The Butterfly Rug

The Butterfly Rug


Carla Fletcher’s Butterfly Rug is made to order

Lead time is approximately 12 -16 weeks

Trade enquiries welcome

Material + Retail

100% New Zealand Wool (double-dyed)

2.5m wingspan x 1.0m body

Weight 9kg

AUD $3,500 + Shipping

Ethically manufactured in China by incredible Artisan technicians.

Techniques included :

Hand Tufted

This technique requires the technician to thread by hand each woollen

yarn through a needle apparatus and punch through a specific area

of the rug repeatedly based on the specific design.

Cut Pile

This technique is rug finish commanding a lush feel and finish.

This requires the technician to cut the woollen yarn piles

at the required length once applied to the rugs final design.

Hand Carving

This technique is used to create a textured, sculptured effect.

Sculpting into areas of a rugs specific design.

The technician achieves this through hand carving

with the use of a very sharp knife and many years of experience.

Lurex Looping

Developed in the design process to emulate the gold and silver glitter sparkles

which feature in Carla’s original Butterfly painting ‘Gentle Spirit’.

Experienced technicians and trade buyers have been able to achieve this

due to their high level of workmanship combined with a high grade lurex

which will support the longevity of the rug.

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